Uh Oh! Here Comes Trouble–Your Check Engine Came On

When that orange light pops on the dash, it’s hard to miss. Seeing your check engine light as you’re driving down the road is one of the most frustrating things for a driver. You didn’t have dealing with a faulty engine scheduled into your day or week. Of course vehicle repair has to go to the top of the list, and you have get that orange light to go away again. What does it even mean when your check engine light comes on? With Coleman Taylor Transmissions, you no longer have to fear the dreaded orange light! Simply bring your vehicle to Coleman Taylor Transmissions and our friendly, ASE Certified Technicians will diagnose your check engine light for FREE!

That’s right, a free diagnosis of your check engine light at our Franklin, TN shop. Just pull into our shop and allow us to take a look – it will cost you nothing. You can find out what’s going on, and we can suggest the next best steps. Hopefully, we can get your vehicle fixed up right then and there, and send you on your way. Our Check Engine Light service is just that easy. We take the worry and the inconvenience out of your engine repairs.

A flashing check engine light indicates a more severe engine problem, such as the engine overheating, very low oil pressure, or the engine is misfiring. This can cause damage to the catalytic converter, and can be caused by bad spark plugs, ignition system or compression problems. A solid orange light is often an emissions problem, a missing or loose gas cap, or time for a tune up. Don’t drive around wondering, just bring your vehicle into Coleman Taylor Transmission at 3128 Downs Blvd in Franklin, TN and receive a free diagnosis.

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